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Kode Rahasia HP Nokia

Jumat, 09 April 2010

On the main screen type

  • *#06# for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
  • *#7780# reset to factory settings.
  • *#67705646# This will clear the LCD display
  • *#0000# To view software version.
  • *#2820# Bluetooth device address.
  • *#746025625# Sim clock allowed status.
  • *#62209526# – Display the MAC address of the WLAN adapter. This is available only in the newer devices that supports WLAN like N80
  • #pw+1234567890+1# Shows if sim have restrictions.

*#92702689# – takes you to a secret menu where you may find some of the information below:

  • 1. Displays Serial Number.
  • 2. Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture
  • 3. Displays (if there) the date where the phone was purchased (MMYY)
  • 4. Displays the date of the last repair – if found (0000)
  • 5. Shows life timer of phone (time passes since last start)

*#3370# – Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) activation. Increase signal strength, better signal reception. It also help if u want to use GPRS and the service is not responding or too slow. Phone battery will drain faster though.
*#3370* – (EFR) deactivation. Phone will automatically restart. Increase battery life by 30% because phone receives less signal from network.
*#4720# – Half Rate Codec activation.
*#4720* – Half Rate Codec deactivation. The phone will automatically restart

If you forgot wallet code for Nokia S60 phone, use this code reset: *#7370925538#
Note, your data in the wallet will be erased. Phone will ask you the lock code. Default lock code is: 12345

Press *#3925538# to delete the contents and code of wallet.

*#7328748263373738# resets security code.
Default security code is 12345

Unlock service provider: Insert sim, turn phone on and press vol up(arrow keys) for 3 seconds, should say pin code. Press C,then press * message should flash, press * again and 04*pin*pin*pin#

Change closed caller group (settings >security settings>user groups) to 00000 and ure phone will sound the message tone when you are near a radar speed trap. Setting it to 500 will cause your phone 2 set off security alarms at shop exits, gr8 for practical jokes! (works with some of the Nokia phones.)

Press and hold “0″ on the main screen to open wap browser.

mengeset SIB

  • tekan*3001#12345#
  • pilih nam 1 —> sdma set
  • sib/mib —> home

ABG Text Generator

Teks Normal    Teks ABG
HuRUf bEsAr keCil      
P4k3 4n9k4 D0n9      


Sony KV-E2531 etc

CTV Enter Service mode
Turn on the main power switch of the set while pressing any two buttons on the front panel. 'TT' will appear on the upper right corner of the screen. Press the 'MENU' button on the RC. In menu select 'DEMO' and press 'OK'. Select DEVICE coresponding to the adjustment you need. Store: OK. Exit: turn off.

Option Mode polytron mx 5213

option 0 01000101 45h option 1 10010010 92h option 2 00001001 09h option 3 00001101 0dh option 4 00010000 10h option 5 00000000 00h option 6 00000001 01h tv polytron dengan fasilitas ada radionya

Option Mode Polytron MX5203MS

OPTION0: 00111010
OPTION1: 10001110
OPTION2: 11000011
OPTION3: 00001100

Default setting
RGB Cut Off: 60
APR: 15
AVL: 0
Bass Mix: 0
Last Cond. Super Bass: ON
Setting surround: 60

- OptionMenu HBM-00-00
masuk ke Factory Mode password 1014
setting default untuk MX5203MS, untuk model yang lain silahkan coba2.

Option Mode Polytron MX 20323T

AGC GAIN =26H. U-BLK =08H. HI-AGC=1AH. B-CUT=70.
OPTIONO =01000011. V-BLK =08H. H-SIFT=08. G-CUT=87.
OPTION1 =10011010. BRTS =OOH H-BOW=04. R-CUT=32.
OPTION2=:00001001. Y DELAY =07. H-PARA=06. V-AMPL=32.
OPTION3=:00011100. WB BRI =46H. S-COR=27. V-CENT=24
H-OSD =23H. WB CON =64H. V-LIN=15.
V-OSD =16H. WB COL=32H. B-DRV=64.
V-SHIFT =00H. LO-AGC=19H. G-DRV=46.

Service Menu Boomba

Use type LC8632 series
Press menu on remote control two times - recall Q.View - MUTE.

Service Menu Sony

Tekan power >> tekan disply >> 5 >> volume+ >> power

Service Menu Sanyo

menu di remot + volume up di tv

Service Menu JVC

Cara 1 :
Tekan osd + mute

Cara 2 :
>Tekan picture mode + display bersamaan.
>Untuk save data tekan display

Service Menu Samsung Plano

posisi stnby tekan disply di remote >> menu >> mute >> power

Service Menu Akari

Tekan slep di remot + menu di tv

Service Menu Sanken

Tekan mute pada remot >> menu di TV

Service Menu Harco

buka remot ada tulisan tes >> tekan >> 32156

Service Menu Mitsuno

Tekan menu di TV tv >> tekan mute pada remot 5 detik

Service Menu Sanken

Enter service mode Sanken TV Chasis AT Press MENU button, input the number 6483 or 4683 or 6597
Select value parm press Pro +/- and change value press vol +/-

Service Menu Digitec

Turn on TV in stby mode
Press and hold the menu buton on remote control till tv set is turn on.
input the number 1,0,1,3 or 1,0,1,4.
Change item move up or down program key
To select value press Volume + or -. To change value.
Store press menu button.

TV Menu Service

Monitor Menu Service


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